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Medical Services

Being a State licensed facility is what sets the New Homestead apart from the pack. We are provides assistance with medication, glucose issues and many other senior related health conditions. All of our social work and services are overseen by the Department of Health.

We are visited regularly by a team of various Doctors to ensure the complete physical care of our residents. We are also visited regularly by a licensed psychologist and psychiatrist to ensure that residents are as healthy in mind as they are in body. At the New Homestead we conduct in house group sessions with a licensed professional to help us remain sensitive to any change in a resident’s emotional state. We also employ an onsite case worker to monitor and updates a resident’s file regularly and advise of any changes.

We staff licensed nurses from an outside agency. These nurses are able to administer a wealth of essential care for seniors.

If you are in need of physical therapy we can put you in contact with the licensed professionals trained and capable of handling your personal needs.

We are dedicated to offering the best care for your specific needs. If you have any specific medical requirements please inform us so that we can come up with a personalized plan that will best suit you.


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